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The Future of Professional Floor Cleaning!

The world’s leading dry vacuuming robot with fleet management specifically developed for professional floor cleaning.

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The S170 Navi revolutionizes professional floor cleaning in large office buildings, hotels, care facilities, cruise ships, and many more.

Specially built for use on hard floors and short pile carpets with capacity to cover 3229 square feet per charge.

The S170 Navi cleans on-demand or on schedule, 24/7, completely autonomously. 

A professional vacuum cleaning robot with docking station, and long life battery


S170NAVI vacuum cleaning robot with docking station and battery


FieldBots OS Yearly Subscription per unit



The S170 Navi cleans independently according to a systematic algorithm (no chaotic random cleaning) and intelligently adapts to changes in its environment.

A unique vacuum cleaning robot concept

With Fieldbots OS & Connect, one person can coordinate and manage an unlimited number of cleaning robots from anywhere in the world as long as there is WiFi available.

Define virtual walls and no-go areas within rooms to designate specific areas for cleaning.

Robust team management capabilities allow unlimited users by customer, facility, floor, or room.

Managing your fleet has never been easier!

Monitor fleet status by facility, floor, or room.

Easily track run-time, full bags, and filter and parts replacement to maximize up-time.

Save time with automated daily or weekly status emails highlighting robots needing attention.

Download data in Excel format for in depth analysis to boost efficiency.

Maintain maximum efficiency with the Fieldbots OS Dashboard

Fieldbots OS offers unparalleled flexibility by allowing integration with other brands of robotic devices.

One platform to manage!

WiFi credentials are entered in settings to keep secure by eliminating need for staff to have access.

Eliminate theft with the ability to shut off robots and locate them remotely.

Security is a priority!

Fieldbots OS allows unlimited users at no charge,

Frequent software upgrades and improvements are implemented through the cloud without hassle or added expense.

No hidden costs!

The advanced station automatically charges the battery and empties the dust tank saving valuable time and labor, allowing staff to focus on other important tasks.

When charging & emptying is complete, the S170 Navi continues cleaning at the previous position

Every S170 Navi comes with a docking station

The Future Of Professional Floor Cleaning

The world’s leading dry vacuuming robot with fleet management specifically developed for professional floor cleaning.

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