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Introducing the Robot Scrubber 10: COMING SOON!

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Cleaning Solution

Are you tired of spending hours mopping and scrubbing your floors? Look no further than the Robot Scrubber 10, a professional mopping robot that will revolutionize your cleaning routine.

Powered by FieldBots, this cutting-edge technology is designed to make your life easier and more efficient.

The World's First Self-Cleaning Technology

One of the standout features of the Robot Scrubber 10 is its world-first self-cleaning technology. With 60 self-cleaning cycles per minute, the robot's roller sponge continuously scrapes dirt from the rollers, ensuring a thorough and hygienic clean.

The built-in sewage tank guarantees no secondary contamination, leaving your floors spotless wherever the robot goes.

Intelligent Base Stations for Optimal Performance

The Robot Scrubber 10 comes equipped with intelligent base stations that enhance its functionality. These base stations offer a range of features, including automatic water change, dust collection, and charging.

With the FieldBots OS Fleet Management System, you can customize the cleaning area and enjoy seamless navigation and positioning.

Unparalleled Cleaning Efficiency

With its multi-functional intelligent base station, the Robot Scrubber 10 is designed to deliver unparalleled cleaning efficiency.

The SLAM navigation algorithm ensures accurate navigation, while the fusion of multiple sensors, such as LIDAR, anti-drop, and intelligent anti-collision, guarantees a safe and thorough cleaning experience.

Specifications and Dimensions

Bot Cleaning Specs

Product size


Net weight



14.8V / 7.8AH

Clear water tank


Waste water tank




Charging time

5~6h (Now 3 Hours)

Vacuum box


Intelligent Base Station Specs

Product size


Net weight


Clear water tank


Waste water tank


Vacuum power


Pumping power


Dust bags


Suction power


Intelligent Cleaning Features

The cleaning app allows for customized secondary cleaning tasks in key areas, using a "well" shape finish cleaning for a more thorough clean. The sequencing and multiple cleaning per area can also be customized.

The robot scrubber is equipped with UV disinfection, pressurized mopping, drop protection, special polymers, sponge rollers, and self-cleaning technology. It is powered by FieldBots and comes with a docking station and fleet management capabilities.

Obstacle Avoidance and Mapping

The robot scrubber is equipped with an intelligent obstacle avoidance system using laser radar, providing all-round awareness of its surroundings with an 8m detection distance.

It also has better map building capabilities and features optocoupler anti-collision, flexible steering, anti-tangle, and auto detection with voice announcements.

Area Cleaning Examples

The robot scrubber is suitable for cleaning various areas such as shopping malls, car 4S shops, cleanrooms, restaurants, villas, property marketing centers, hotel meeting areas, and home living rooms.

Base Station Features

The base station of the robot scrubber has a built-in 3L vacuum bag with a large suction power of 20Kpa, making it easy to collect waste.

It also has automatic dust collection, a base station vacuum bag, a dust collection box, and a dust outlet.

Performance Parameters

The cleaning robot has a built-in lithium battery that provides up to 2 hours of battery life, allowing it to clean for a long period of time without interruption. It is designed to work for one hour before automatically returning to the base station to change the water, which takes only 2 minutes to complete.

The robot is equipped with a 13L fresh water tank in the base station, allowing it to be rehydrated approximately 8.7 times. With a wide range of flooring materials compatibility, such as terrazzo, marble, and floor tiles, the robot can effectively clean various types of surfaces.


In conclusion, the Robot Scrubber 10 is a game-changer in the world of cleaning technology.

With its self-cleaning capabilities, intelligent base stations, and advanced features, this mopping robot offers a convenient and efficient solution for all your cleaning needs.

Say goodbye to tedious manual cleaning and embrace the future of automated cleaning with the Robot Scrubber 10.

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